Mr.Osu & Miss Mes

7月 10, 2011

Today introduce Beagle are 2 young Beagles.

He is Mr.Osu.

She is Miss Mes.

2Beagles are sibling.They are very good friend.

2Beagles fight well.

The mischief is loved.

My Beagle Shirimame play the bully by sibling.


6puppys beagle

6月 11, 2011

It  introduce 6 beagles today.

They were  born 40 days ago. They are 5 boys & 1 girl.

I wanted to take their photos on the sofa.  But  they doesn’t stop at all.

Beagles move  freely  everywhere.

But  when a rug was changed, their movement became slow.

Everyone began also to sleep when one slept.

It doesn’t  wake up even if  it is stepped.

The way to sleep is various.

The whole is such feeling.

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